Make our Popular Avocoladas from Home


This season, we’ve seen more and more guests ordering our Avocolada after it was featured on the ABTA’s In The Mix series. Though it’s not actually on our Cocktail List, this secret gem was created by our bar team and is a must-try! Think Pina Colada but less sweet and more creamy! It may sound weird, but stick with us here, it’s delicious! Here is our favorite cocktail recipe!

Makes 4 Servings
1/2 Large Avocado
8 oz Coconut Cream
8 oz Milk
1 tsp Nutmeg
12 Drops of Bitters
1 Cup Caramelised Coconut Shavings

Add avocado, coconut cream, milk, and bitters to the blender.
Once blended to a thick, creamy consistency, pour out into glass and top with nutmeg and caramelized coconut shavings to add a little texture.


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